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Music Tag - Mass music tagger

Music Tag is an application that was at first designed because no similar software was available for OSX. It represents a simple application that is able to tag multiple music files and rename them back (based on custom pattern). User can also edit tags and artwork in single files manualy.

Music tag is designed to be cross-platform and to combine set of funcionalities needed to keep your mp3,m4a or flac tags tidy. Top of all, it is available for low price.


Imagine you have whole folder of music files which names are a mess! And these files don't have meta data tags in order! Music Tag will do this for you. You will have well formated file names and/or tags and nice looking library in iTunes, WinAmp or any other media player.



  • supports mp3, m4a and flac file format
  • tagging and renaming using your custom pattern
  • mass tagging and renaming can be done using 12 most common tags
  • custom string replacements can be applied before or after tagging or renaming process
  • additional tag formating (UPPERCASE, lowercase, Capitalize)
  • preview of tagging or renaming process
  • option to clean all existing tags before apply new ones
  • option to clean existing artwork
  • manualy edit tags on single file
  • manualy add/delete artwork on single file
  • open files in single folder and/or all sub folders